Progressive Enhancement Done Right!


Feaxures.js is the cure for the pain of progressive enhancement. A cure, not a medicine.

Advantages of using Feaxures for progressive enhancement

  • Responsive friendly - If you ever made a 100% responsive website, with Feaxures you can reach 125%. At least.
  • Network speed friendly - Only 3kb minified and gziped, without your loader of choice (RequireJS, curljs or even yepnope)
  • Google friendly - By loading your JS/CSS async and in paralel your website will appear faster to Google.
  • No-jQuery friendly - I've heard some apocaliptic prophecies, so Feaxures is ready for the catastrophic event of jQuery's death
  • IE friendly - Not really a selling point for devs, but for managers. And only if they care for users. :)
  • Simple API - If you know how to write HTML and JSON you're good to go. Take a look at the demo' source code.
  • Tested - Code coverage reports coming soon.