Sirius HTML

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Framework agnostic HTML rendering utility with an API inspired by jQuery and React.

$h = new Sirius\Html\Builder;
// at this point the builder knows only about the HTML tags defined in the library
// ie: paragraph, div, radio, select, checkbox, img, textarea etc

// start writting HTML
echo $h->make('paragraph', ['href' => ''], 'Go to Bing!']

// or use the power of magic methods
echo $h->h1(['class' => 'main'], ['Main title', $h->em(null, '!!!')]);

// the library is smart enough to handle special requests
echo $h->someComponent(['class' => 'web-component'], 'content of the component');
// will render <some-component class="web-component">content of the component</some-component>

Build your own HTML components

// register your component as classes or callbacks
$h->registerTag('my-component', '\\MyProject\\Html\\MyComponent');
$h->registerTag('my-component', $someCallable);

echo $h->myComponent(null, 'My component content');

The end goal of the library is to allow you write compose your HTML views like so

echo $h->make('blog-article', ['_entry' => $someBlogPost]);

// which would be equivalent of 

echo $h->make(
        ['heading', $post->post_name],
        ['section', $post->content],
        ['footer', 'Written by ' . $post->author],
        ['aside', [
            ['h3', 'Similar articles'],
            ['ul', [
                // ... you can guess what happens here 
    ['class' => 'post post-123 post-story']